Lugari Pocket – A video library with more than 900 episodes of various HUNTING CACCIATA Made in Italy

Lugari Pocket

A video library with more than 900 episodes of various HUNTING CACCIATA Made in Italy

Lugari Pocket screenshot 0Lugari Pocket screenshot 1Lugari Pocket screenshot 2Lugari Pocket screenshot 3Lugari Pocket screenshot 4Lugari Pocket screenshot 5Lugari Pocket screenshot 6Lugari Pocket screenshot 7Lugari Pocket screenshot 8Lugari Pocket screenshot 9Lugari Pocket screenshot 10Lugari Pocket screenshot 11Lugari Pocket screenshot 12Lugari Pocket screenshot 13

A video library with over 900 different episodes HUNTING CACCIATA Made in Italy, available for viewing “on demand” and partly free on the web was not even imaginable until the Lugari Video sas di Gianni Lugari, since 1990 the undisputed leader in the domestic production and international video HUNTING aLL’ITALIANA, has not decided to open the largest and garnished Portal – Market HUNTING in video (Italian) by making available to enthusiasts of hunting, as of 1st February 2016, his 25ennale production of DVD-video Hunting, consisting of more than 280 videos of more than an hour each, representatives monotematicamente every branch of complex and varied discipline hunting simply identified with the idiom: HUNTING.

Lugari Pocket is the application that allows you to access on demand TO A THOUSAND video of Lugari Video DIVIDED IN SPECIALIST SERIES: Hunt BOAR batting, the HARE with dogs followed, in WOODCOCK with pointing dogs, Hunting pIGEON with the Flyers and Zimbelli, stand hunting for ducks aND gEESE, Hunting SELECTION to uNGULATES, Hunting Bullets from CAPANNO with singers, hunts from Prato and MIGRATION tO SMALL, Hunt with STOPS DOG aND SEARCH.

Download apk file:


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