SageTV MiniClient Latest Version APK for Android

download SageTV MiniClient apk
download SageTV MiniClient apk

HD MiniClient Extender for SageTV. SageTV MiniClient is offered by Android Easy Apps Team Member. Last Updated: December 04, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.0

SageTV MiniClient is an HD Extender (ie, HD300) for Android devices. Using this app, you can connect to your SageTV server like you can with an HD200 or HD300 device. Once connected you will get your familiar SageTV UI as this App basically identifies itself as an HD300 extender.

This client supports the playback of many different Media Formats, and, if hardware decoding is available on the device, then it will be used.

Some of the formats include
H264 content in MP4, MKV, and TS containers (hardware decoding)
H265 (HEVC) content in MKV containers (hardware decoding)
MPEG2 content in MPG and TS containers (hardware decoding on some platforms)
AVI,FLV,WEBM formats as well

Current Limitations
No support for DVD/Bluray Discs
No Audio Pass-through for IJKPlayer
No Subtitle/CC support

Latest Updates


– Updated IJKPlayer and ExoPlayer

– Added options to disable hardware decoders


SageTV MiniClient 2017

Download SageTV MiniClient for Android

Download SageTV MiniClient APK for Android

SageTV MiniClient 1.1.0 screenshot

SageTV MiniClient screenshot 0SageTV MiniClient screenshot 1SageTV MiniClient screenshot 2SageTV MiniClient screenshot 3SageTV MiniClient screenshot 4SageTV MiniClient screenshot 5SageTV MiniClient screenshot 6

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