Popcorn Hour Remote Latest Version APK for Android

Popcorn Hour Remote download
Popcorn Hour Remote download

Popcorn Hour Remote – A quick and easy to use PCH remote control!. Popcorn Hour Remote is offered by CodeUnlimited. Last Updated: December 04, 2016. Current Version: 3.0

Popcorn Hour Remote is a remote control application for the popular Popcorn Hour media boxes (also called PCH, Network Media Tank or NMT). This remote is derived from the PLoNK project and offers about the same features but with a lot of enhancements. This applications lets you take control of your PCH from your Android phone where you can browse your files or use the app as a remote controller. As a quick way of controlling your PCH we’ve also added a small widget which lets you Play, Pause and Fwd/Rew without opening the app.

* A-100
* A-110
* C-200

* Popcornhour (PCH)
A-100, A-110 or C-200
* Installed HDD
* llink
* PLoNK 0.0.3
* Access to your PCH IP from you phone (hopefully on the same network)

1. Make sure you have a PCH (one of the specified models above)
2. Make sure you have installed a harddrive (HDD) in your PCH
3. Install the NMT software on your PCH HDD
4. Download NMT community installer (NMTCI) on your PC
5. Run NMTCI and install the latest llink application
6. Install the PLoNK CSI.zip for your PCH (from code.google.com)
7. Enter setup and specify the IP of your PCH
8. Enjoy the app

* M3U playlist support has been sought after, but this is limited by LLink.
You can visit: lundman.net/wiki/index.php/Llink and ask Lundman to implement support for M3U in LLink, but we can’t do anything about it as it seems.
* As of version 1.0 it is still free to use, but it’s also Ads funded (meaning it will show Ads).

Access to your PCH
Check if internet is available
Allows you to remove all Ads

What’s New

I’ve updated the UI but it works pretty much the same as before. Internally there has been quite a few upgrades and possibly a security fix


Popcorn Hour Remote APK

Download Popcorn Hour Remote

Download Popcorn Hour Remote APK

Popcorn Hour Remote for Android

Download Popcorn Hour Remote for Android

Download Popcorn Hour Remote APK for Android

Popcorn Hour Remote 3.0 screenshot

Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 0Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 1Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 2Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 3Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 4Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 5Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 6Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 7Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 8Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 9Popcorn Hour Remote screenshot 10

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