TARR MobilTV – The TARR LTD. Subscribers as a TV Watch TV anywhere anytime with the TARR MobilTV!


The TARR LTD. Subscribers as a TV Watch TV anywhere anytime with the TARR MobilTV!

TARR MobilTV screenshot 0TARR MobilTV screenshot 1TARR MobilTV screenshot 2TARR MobilTV screenshot 3TARR MobilTV screenshot 4TARR MobilTV screenshot 5TARR MobilTV screenshot 6TARR MobilTV screenshot 7TARR MobilTV screenshot 8TARR MobilTV screenshot 9TARR MobilTV screenshot 10TARR MobilTV screenshot 11TARR MobilTV screenshot 12

Please notify us if you encounter an error in the info@tarr.hu email address so you can help!

The application allows you to TARR MobilTV TARR Kft. Supply channels of the most popular channels available in mobile devices.
• Content protection reasons, the “hacked” (rooted) devices to Our services are not available!
• The TV channels are available live show without the TARR Kft. Cable television subscribers will be charged.
• Hungary is only available for the service, each user has a broadband internet connection for Hungary.
• The service requires registration, is required to “live” in which a phone number.
To use the application for continuous broadband Internet connection. The costs arising from network adatforgalmazásból charged to users of the application. The generated data traffic is billed to the Internet subscriber rate plan and mobile operator in accordance with the prevailing tariffs.
use the service körét vételére suitable eszközök continuously bővítjük! The list of supported devices is available on http://www.tarr.hu/mobiltv side.
There are other conditions of service. Details are available on the website http://www.tarr.hu/mobiltv.
If while using the application Tarr MobilTV experience any problem or request or comments, please send it to us info@tarr.hu e-mail address.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/uRw1AY


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