Picstagrab repost – regram – regram of pictures and videos from Instagram with watermarks and captions

Picstagrab repost - regram

regram of pictures and videos from Instagram with watermarks and captions

Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 0Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 1Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 2Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 3Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 4Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 5Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 6Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 7Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 8Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 9Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 10Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 11Picstagrab repost - regram screenshot 12

Picstagrab is an app that will help you watermark and/or repost images and videos from Instagram with optional added captions. If for instance you are posting picture of the day, moderating an Instagram hub or otherwise repost images and videos from Instagram regularly, Picstagrab will save you a lot of time and effort by helping you automate the process of featuring a picture or video.

When loading a picture or video, an automatic search may be performed using Tineye and Google image-search in order to see if there are duplicates out there. If there are duplicates, you may check the search results in order to determine if the picture is “stolen” or not. Picstagrab will make no assumptions regarding the found duplicates.

Before reposting a picture, you may add a watermark from your own “watermark-collection”. You can manage your watermark collection by adding and removing available watermarks, you may choose any picture available in your camera-roll to use as a watermark. When adding a watermark to a picture, you can reposition, resize and change the opacity of the watermark.

You may share a picture or video with an optional caption included.
The included caption may be written as you repost, or may be selected from your very own “caption-library”. In the captions you may have automatic insertion of the username of the user that originally posted the picture/video and the original caption from the picture/video you are about to repost.

You may also store a list of favourite users/hashtags for easy access, simply click the star in the search-results and the user/hashtag will be stored as a favourite.

Your most recently viewed pictures/videos will be available for easy access through the “recently-viewed” page.

If you have any feedback, or if something is not working to your expectations, please drop me a mail or use the support link, I would really appreciate to know what you think of this app and what I could do to make it better.

Please respect the property rights of any photo downloaded using this application.
Before using, altering or re-publishing any photo or video, please get permission from the owner of the photo or video

This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.

See more information and download apk file:


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