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Live Your Dreams

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Framy is the top app for turning dreams into a reality. Framy is the instant fame and premier video creation app for directing in your own world with dynamic graphics, sounds, SFX, and characters all with the single tap of a button. Explore the Framysphere of videos, moments, movies, and graphics, star in them, or produce make your own! With millions of players, 40+ countries, and unparalleled features, what are you waiting for? Live your dream.

– Star: in any video, or watch others download you instantly. You can upload yourself, your car, and even your dog as an asset with Framy Pluck and watch it all go viral! Say goodbye to green screens, and say hello to on-the-go, instant feature film creation. You can even choose to pluck objects or people from pre-recorded videos! Your potential and the possibilities are now endless.

– Direct: Any video you want with countless images, special effects, sounds, settings, and emotes. You have exclusive access to top stars and celebs, or even your friends. Framy is also the only app with full VR and AR creation functionality, so you can fully immerse yourself in an animated, 3D experience. With top quality cinematics and sounds, making videos has never been this easy and fun! You now have the right to be creative. Whether it be provided soundtracks or your own voice, dinosaurs or your mom, you have full reigns to dive right in. Framy allows you to literally see the world differently!

– View: Top quality videos from your friends, family, and the world with a single tap. Share your life, your voice, and yourself with everyone! The Framy community is full of new friends, stories, and dreams. Get inspired, get engaged, and get laughing with your global social network of fellow Framyers. Fill your feed with hilarious, poignant, and breathtaking moments. Follow your favorite Framy actors, celebs, directors, and producers.

With Framy the possibilities are endless, so choose to be the lead.


– Introducing Framy Pluck! Framy Pluck eliminates the need for green screens! You can instantly crop out moving objects and people, then use them in any other video or image
– Framy Pluck lets you layer videos over other videos, or layer videos under or above images
– Framy Pluck lets you circulate, share, tag, and incorporate any asset from the Marketplace
– Plucked assets can be made private for personal usage in videos or can be made public, and shared with the world so you can star on any screen!
– New Framy messaging system so you can directly contact all your favorite Framyers and Framy friends
– New On and Off Notification options
– Blocking system added to block a specific users
– Monitor the usage of your public assets with a download counter, see which directors are using your assets, and see which actors are popular in the marketplace
– Framy brought Virtual Reality (VR) to your smartphone— Framy VR Studio lets you create your own 3D world!
– Discover and instantly develop your own interactive 360 degree (or less) panoramic images! Panoramic landscapes are viewed on your screen and layered over your actual landscape so you can explore the world with the trajectory of your hand
– Language is no longer a barrier! Auto translate messages into your prefered language with the single tap of a comment so you can make friends across the world
– Design your own custom-made characters with our patented technology for shooting real facial emotions
– Create, rotate, resize, flip, or delete animated objects in an instant with intuitive gestures
– Enhance depth with animated movement with Framy’s patented “Magic Finger” technology, which allows you to simulate depth with your finger as a highlighter
– Share your creations over other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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