YadisGet (Dune HD control) – Import database from Yadis and control the Dune HD

YadisGet (Dune HD control)

Import database from Yadis and control the Dune HD

YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 0YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 1YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 2YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 3YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 4YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 5YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 6YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 7YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 8YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 9YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 10YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 11YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 12YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 13YadisGet (Dune HD control) screenshot 14

If you use Yadis for scrapping your movies and you have a Dune HD, this app will let you import your list of films and series and even consult offline.

You can start playback and control your Dune directly from the application (if you want more buttons, you can ask on the forum).

You can also play it on your device

You can explore the dune (and possibly smb networks).

You can explore your phone to display the Dune.

For movies, you can synchronize the tag Seen for it to appear on the dune with the button “Update Senn/ Not seen Dune” app to do next refresh on Dune. If you reprocess a movie on yaDIS, you will again update the seen / unseen.

To use this application, you must:

  – Scrap your movies and series with Yadis (homecinema-fr.com/forum/multimedia-materiels-lecteurs-et-box/yadis-2-yet-another-dune-indexer-and-skinner-t29955810.html)

– Configure the application by entering the IP address of the Dune and Workspace folder

For the series, if you are over 10 seasons, name well the first 9 seasons 01, 02 … to have them in the order in the app. (surfer57300 thank you)

Please go to MPC Club or homecinema-fr.com (homecinema-fr.com/forum/multimedia-logiciels-media-player-pchc/yadisget-yadis-interface-pc-et-android-liste-xls-t30047690.html) if bug or improvement ideas!

If you like YadisGet, remember to give it five stars!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/pvUHWe


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