VVVVID – VVVVID – Your personalized online TV


VVVVID – Your personalized online TV

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Download the app VVVVID to access a selection of over 1570 hours of entertainment: anime, movies and TV series – all completely free and legal. Become part of a community of more than 750,000 fans who like you love to discover and experience first hand never predictable stories.

* It will happen to you …
“Guys, tonight Marathon: we must look at this series together. You know? It’s called …”
We all have an interesting friend who knows the latest series, the latest viral videos, the latest technology. With VVVVID you a whole world of discoveries at your direct disposal: you can finally tell and share stories of finding them value effortless.
Get ready to experience fluid and immersive, tailor-made for you.

Download our app available for iPad and iPhone: Anime, Movies and TV series are available without limits and in HD. There is simultaneously transmitted as standard with the US and Japan each week, in addition to already complete sets with which to make bingewatching.
VVVVID is also your personalized online TV: find relaxation and fun fresh every day on thematic channels, with news, funny videos, stunning images. And if you want to relax without thinking, let the current carry: VVVVID will select for you the best videos, according to your tastes.
If you feel in the right mood, he comes into contact with other community enthusiasts. Yes, because of VVVVID, you’re in the bedroom or in the company of your plaid on the sofa in the living room with a ciotolona popcorn, you’re never alone. That’s how…

* 750,000 fans
Lose yourself among the colorful post of the community: the best thing is to find out how many have tried your own emotions. Before you know it you will feel the urge to add your opinion on the latest episode of a series. You throw it out of the energy that an episode, a movie or a complete set they let you inside. If you choose to express it in words, pictures, video or GIF.
Whenever someone rate or leave a comment to your post, a notification will allow you to continue the conversation right away and meet people with your same passions with which to make friends!

* We wait for you
Download the app: Also the registration is free. We can assure you that if you have a taste and know to recognize a good story, there VVVVID always stimulating and exciting.
For more information and for the desktop version visit our website vvvvid.it and follow us on Facebook and Twitter facebook.com/VVVVID @VVVVID.
VVVVID continues to improve, send us suggestions, questions and comments at: feedback@vvvvid.it

* About VVVVID
“VVVVID is one of the best on-demand video services available for free in Italy” – Salvatore Aranzulla
In addition, they talked about VVVVID: Repubblica.it, IlSole24Ore.com, ComingSoon.it, Askanews.it.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/tthhrI


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