Vshow : funny short videos – Vshow , a short video app,you can show wonderful moment by making a funny video.

Vshow : funny short videos

Vshow , a short video app,you can show wonderful moment by making a funny video.

Vshow : funny short videos screenshot 0Vshow : funny short videos screenshot 1Vshow : funny short videos screenshot 2Vshow : funny short videos screenshot 3Vshow : funny short videos screenshot 4Vshow : funny short videos screenshot 5Vshow : funny short videos screenshot 6

Vshow is a short video app, and have difference from youtube, the use of vshow recommended dj, music quick record video, but also be able to upload their own interesting videos, funny video, fast sharing to facebook, instagram, path and other social media App.

★ Rich content:
You can upload video games like coc or pokemongo ; if you love the live content, you can put your bigo live and nonolive video transmission over here to share with other users, you can upload variety of sexy dance video, cooking video.

★ A variety of video production materials
In vshow you can make your own video using your own music in your local storage. There are users will share joox, sing and other music app in the popular music, while music is also rich in classification, including funny sound, short song, sound and so on. Vshow also provides a variety of filters, instant beauty is not a problem anymore. In the video editor you can also provide text, stickers and other functions, so your video can be rich and different.

★ First-class social properties
In vshow you don’t need to make account, just use your facebook, instagram, path, twitter account to login, so your friend will automatically know you in vshow and you can follow each other. When you made any video in vshow, your friends can be the first to see it. And also provides a one-on-one chat function similar to whatsapp, to facilitate communication with friends.

★ Wonderful activities
Vshow will provide new activity every week, there are singing, dancing, duplicate style, as long as you like to performing. According to the rules of the activity, at the end of the event the best video will get reward, we will purchase from lazada, tokopedia and other shopping sites to send this reward.

Vshow is a short video-based video app, not only provides a rich and practical video editing capabilities, but also to show your talent to users. You can sit on gojek and grab on the way home from work to release your boring time, you can find more friends in Vshow. Come and join the fun!

You can also follow us on the following platforms:
Facebook: VSHOW INDO
Instagram: vshow.indo
Twitter: @vshow_me
YouTube: vshow indonesia
Our official website: http://www.vshow.me (use uc browser to access better)

See more information: https://goo.gl/OdGgth


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