StreetGamer – Game Record&Live – StreetGamer – Mobile Game Record & Live

StreetGamer - Game Record&Live

StreetGamer – Mobile Game Record & Live

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★ Live game play in real time !!
You can broadcast your own game play live on YouTube (YouTube) anytime, anywhere.
Broadcast content and game items are uploaded with candy sent by viewers!

★ Record game play video !!
Whether it’s a mobyz or gem tube, a game or a game cast, Street Gamers can broadcast live video and record at any time during the game.

★ You can record and live on all Android devices !!
You can record and live on YouTube (YouTube) from virtually any Android (4.4 Kit Cat or higher) device.

★ Available anywhere.
 Unlike African TVs, you can broadcast and record your mobile games anywhere you are without connecting to a PC.
Live, record and share with other gamers in school, on the subway, in the bathroom

★ Add bulletin board function !!
– You can communicate with other gamers by designating bulletin boards and categories at will.
(Gamer Profile -> click bottom right button)
– Game board has been added. (Please request bulletin board for each game)

★ Upload to YouTube (YouTube) and broadcast in real time.
Upload your recorded videos to your YouTube channel, and live broadcast live.
Challenge your YouTube star.

★ I can easily share.
You can easily share your videos with SNS, Mail, Messenger, KakaoTalk, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Band, and Cacao Stories.
You can also post it on the StreetGamer bulletin board and share it with people.

★ You can enjoy it on the web !!
Please visit and watch the video ~

See detail information:


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