Just Go Live Latest Version APK for Android

Just Go Live download
Just Go Live download

Leave a video comment instead of a traditional comment on Facebook. Just Go Live is offered by Maryland Filming and Financing Corp. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 1.26

Just Go Live is the first app that allow users to leave a Live Video Comment instead of a traditional text comment. Just Go Live is also the first app that allows users to go live visually or privately. (Private is for those who do not want to be seen but want to be heard)

Just Go Live with Live Comments is such a cool app, it allow users who want to be seen or live stream privately for wishing a friend a Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, or Commenting on sports, politics, social issues etc.

Just Go Live with Live Comments make commenting more personal with viewers because users can Live Comment from anywhere and be seen delivering a comment personally.

Over 7 billion comments are read by everyone and no matter if a person is famous, rich, poor, young, older etc. everyone reads their comments and now users can be visually seen, with the first and only Just Go Live App.

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Latest Updates

UI has been improved

Private Stream fixed


Just Go Live 2017

Just Go Live APK

Download Just Go Live

Download Just Go Live APK

Just Go Live for Android

Download Just Go Live for Android

Download Just Go Live APK for Android

Just Go Live 1.26 screenshot

Just Go Live screenshot 0Just Go Live screenshot 1Just Go Live screenshot 2Just Go Live screenshot 3Just Go Live screenshot 4

Android Video Players & Editors Apps download https://goo.gl/aBy0kE


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