WebOnVR – WebOnVR cloud video surveillance.


WebOnVR cloud video surveillance.

WebOnVR screenshot 0WebOnVR screenshot 1WebOnVR screenshot 2WebOnVR screenshot 3WebOnVR screenshot 4WebOnVR screenshot 5WebOnVR screenshot 6WebOnVR screenshot 7WebOnVR screenshot 8WebOnVR screenshot 9WebOnVR screenshot 10WebOnVR screenshot 11WebOnVR screenshot 12WebOnVR screenshot 13WebOnVR screenshot 14

WebOnVR is a unique product that empowers Home Owners and Small Businesses to do Video Surveillance on their own. We call it Self-Surveillance. Streams live and recorded videos using HTTP streaming from IP Cameras connected across the network. Videos will be played up to maximum of 9-minutes in order to utilize the usage of bandwidth. App supports Armv7 devices with Neon support.

Features :-
-H264 video streaming using Http.
-Pinch and zooming capability.
-Supports Portrait and Landscape video streaming.
-User roles and privileges.
-Camera enable and disable.
-Push Notification from camera for Motion event, enable/disable, offline/online.
-Archive and event playback capabilities.
-Event video with event identifier.
-Video Snapshot.
-Notification On/Off Feature.
-Maintaining the history of successful login and clearing the history.
-Rendering keyframe only during after 4x speed.
-Event filter.
-Local Streaming.
-UI enhancement for TABLET devices.
-Dual Streaming Support.
-Auto refresh.
-WebOnVR site now supports SSL.The application now uses HTTPS protocol.
-When too many events from a camera is generated user is notified.
-The video range time is updated periodically.
-Seek To Event.
-Event search with current time.
-Playing events from notification banners and alerts.
-Event refine search implementation.
-History maintained for played events.
-Switch to playback from live video.

Visit us at http://www.webonvr.com for more information

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/oVqEuy


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