TVHClient Latest Version APK for Android

download TVHClient apk
download TVHClient apk

TVHClient, the program to watch, schedule and manage your individual TV program!. TVHClient is offered by Robert Siebert. Last Updated: December 01, 2016

With TVHClient you’ll never miss a program! Schedule, manage and watch your favorite TV programs and recordings anywhere from your smartphone or tablet. TVHClient interacts with your TVHeadend streaming server which is commonly used together with Kodi.

Want to access the beta version from the Google Play Store?
* Join our community:
* Sign-up here (using the same Google account):

Main features:
* Show TV channels
* Show current and upcoming programs
* Full EPG (electronic program guide)
* Schedule and manage recordings
* Schedule automatic recordings
* Watch TV or your recordings
* Search for programs
* Modern and intuitive design
* Supports multiple TVHeadend servers
* Multiple languages
* Light and dark theme
* And many more…

Additional features: For all that are interested in extra functionality or just want to support the development, an option to buy the app is available. All other features are still available for free. The paid version offers:
* Add or edit timer recordings
* Fine tune and edit your series recordings
* Fine tune and edit your scheduled recordings
* Server Profiles for playback and recording
* Search as you type
* Notifications
* Google Cast™-enabled, send your Live-TV or recordings to your Chromecast
* Download recordings

Help and Support
* Contact me if you have questions or need support!
* For bug reports and feature requests mail me or use

What’s New

Version 1.9.6

* Added menu to the program and recording details screens to search IMDb or the EPG

* Fixed possible crash in details screen


TVHClient 2017

Download TVHClient for Android

Download TVHClient APK for Android

TVHClient screenshot

TVHClient screenshot 0TVHClient screenshot 1TVHClient screenshot 2TVHClient screenshot 3TVHClient screenshot 4TVHClient screenshot 5TVHClient screenshot 6TVHClient screenshot 7TVHClient screenshot 8TVHClient screenshot 9TVHClient screenshot 10TVHClient screenshot 11TVHClient screenshot 12TVHClient screenshot 13TVHClient screenshot 14TVHClient screenshot 15TVHClient screenshot 16TVHClient screenshot 17TVHClient screenshot 18TVHClient screenshot 19TVHClient screenshot 20TVHClient screenshot 21TVHClient screenshot 22

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