TV Overalt Latest Version APK for Android

download TV Overalt apk
download TV Overalt apk

Altibox TV EverywhereWatch TV where you want your home – on tablet, mobile or pc. TV Overalt is offered by Altibox AS. Last Updated: December 01, 2016. Current Version: Updating…

Watch TV
– Choose from over 40 television channels
– Select channel by pressing a channel logo
– Swipe to switch between stations
– Take time indicator to the left to rewind up to three hours on many of the channels
– Pause and Skip forward by dragging the time line to the right
– Start a program from the front

Rent, purchase and download movies and series
– Select Film and Series menu
– Easy to navigate through categories or search
– Press Rent or Buy movie
– Content is available for 48 hours by rent. No time limit on purchase
– Download purchased content and take it wherever you want on mobile

Remote control your recordings on your TV decoder
– Open TV guide
– Touch an application
– Select the decoder you want to record the program with
– Select Record
Plan with tv guide
– Open TV guide
– Pull down / up to see what different channels broadcast
– Drag left / right to see what comes forward in time
– Press the program to get the opportunity to go to the channel

Android Wear
Altibox TV Everywhere can now be used on your Android Wear. Install the new version of TV Everywhere, and you will automatically receive our new Android Wear app transferred to your clock, where you can do the following:
– Browse TV guide for all channels
– Create programs for recording and series recording on your decoder
– Put on alert when a program starts
– Replace the automatic channel switching on your decoder when a program starts

This is how you get started
– Download and start Altibox TV Everywhere app
– Watch TV purchased and rented movies without logging in, when you are at home
– When you are away from home you need to log in to control recording on your decoder, and see lots of tv channels and bought and rented movies.
Rights Provisions of television channels, and movie companies limits the number of channels that can be displayed in Altibox TV Everywhere. Channel selection is therefore different whether you are inside or outside the household.

What’s New

– Forbedret avspilling ved Chromecast

– Optimalisert strømforbruk

– Flere feilrettinger


TV Overalt 2017

TV Overalt APK

Download TV Overalt

Download TV Overalt APK

TV Overalt for Android

Download TV Overalt for Android

Download TV Overalt APK for Android

TV Overalt Updating… screenshot

TV Overalt screenshot 0TV Overalt screenshot 1TV Overalt screenshot 2TV Overalt screenshot 3TV Overalt screenshot 4TV Overalt screenshot 5TV Overalt screenshot 6TV Overalt screenshot 7TV Overalt screenshot 8TV Overalt screenshot 9TV Overalt screenshot 10TV Overalt screenshot 11TV Overalt screenshot 12TV Overalt screenshot 13TV Overalt screenshot 14TV Overalt screenshot 15TV Overalt screenshot 16TV Overalt screenshot 17TV Overalt screenshot 18

See detail information and download apk file for android:

Android Video Players & Editors Apps download


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