Safe Photo Vault – Lynx – Hide private photos & videos on secure cloud to keep safe .

Safe Photo Vault - Lynx

Hide private photos & videos on secure cloud to keep safe .

Safe Photo Vault - Lynx screenshot 0Safe Photo Vault - Lynx screenshot 1Safe Photo Vault - Lynx screenshot 2Safe Photo Vault - Lynx screenshot 3Safe Photo Vault - Lynx screenshot 4Safe Photo Vault - Lynx screenshot 5Safe Photo Vault - Lynx screenshot 6

Concerned about other people snooping around your private photos or videos? With Lynx, you can safely upload and hide those photos and videos in a secure Cloud space, without worrying about losing them because of a broken SD card.

Want to share your private files? No problem! Generate a Lynx access code to create a private sharing circle with your friends!

Lynx is a personal photo and video vault to hide and back up your important pictures and videos.

• Hide and protect: Upload your private photos and videos to the Lynx cloud to safely hide and password protect your files.
• Save phone space: Store your photos and videos in the Lynx cloud to free up precious phone space for games and apps.
• Free space: 5GB of free cloud space for you to store your photos and videos.
Cross-device Synchronization: Sync your cloud files across multiple devices with the same account (Android only).
• Share your secrets: Share selected hidden files with friends by sending them an access code valid for a limited time.
• Earn more Space: Invite a friend to use Lynx and get 512MB of additional cloud space when they accept.

FREE Advanced Features
• Camouflage Mode: Disguise your Lynx app as a calculator to keep others from snooping.
• Break-in Alert: If someone attempts to access your Lynx content with the wrong password, a photo of the intruder will be secretly taken and stored for you.
• Fake Lynx: Create a decoy Lynx app and keep your real Lynx files private.

See detail information and download apk file:


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