RevelDigital – Digital Signage – Digital Signage for your Android powered devices from Revel Digital!

RevelDigital - Digital Signage

Digital Signage for your Android powered devices from Revel Digital!

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Turn your Android based tablet, smart phone, or PC into digital signage. The Revel Digital Player app works in conjunction with the Revel Digital management portal ( and provides the public facing content for your own digital signage network. Revel Digital is committed to providing a clean, efficient, and cost effective digital signage platform without sacrificing functionality.

Features include:

– Media support for Video, Images, Audio, PowerPoint, and more
– Allows for multiple ‘zones’ of content with independent sizing, layering and transparency
– Content zone types include Galleries, Marquees, QR Codes, Weather, Web Sites, Rich Text, Google Gadgets, and more
– Smart Scheduling simplifies large complex deployments
– Integrated audience analytics with age/gender/dwell metrics
– Works offline (no data connection necessary for playback)
– Real-time player status
– Manage hundreds of players easily
– View reports on media playback and player status
– No contracts and no up front service fees
– All management is web based – no software installs

To get started just create an account on and register your device. There is no setup fee or obligation to purchase anything. After a 30 day trial period there will be a monthly charge for continued maintenance/service.

For more information please see our website:

Download apk file:


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