Pixellot Viewer – Panorama, Video, Stream, Broadcast, 360, Sport, Livestream, Surround, HD

Pixellot Viewer

Panorama, Video, Stream, Broadcast, 360, Sport, Livestream, Surround, HD

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Pixellot provides a full broadcasting solution for amateurs, rights holders, broadcasters, sports leagues, clubs, coaches and consumers, offering unique, interactive and immersive viewing experiences.
The Pixellot system consists of a proprietary device – Pixellot’s unique panoramic camera head – and standard computers that run Pixellot’s proprietary algorithms.
The system can be installed at a venue, providing automatic video coverage at predefined times.
As the panoramic head captures a high-resolution video of everything happening on the venue at all times, nothing is ever missed. Replays of otherwise hidden areas in the field can be carried out, even if they were not at the focus of attention during the event itself.
Users are able to stream the event live, or capture it with the camera head and view it after the event has finished. They can broadcast and share their own events via this mobile app, or the web.
Users can choose to see any portion of the event they want, using Pixellot’s App.The App cannot broadcast anything that you did not capture with Pixellot’s proprietary camera head in the first place.

See more information: https://goo.gl/W0hwmE


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