TV Móvel – You are one step closer to digital mobile TV audience of IBOPE Media!

TV Móvel

You are one step closer to digital mobile TV audience of IBOPE Media!

TV Móvel screenshot 0TV Móvel screenshot 1TV Móvel screenshot 2TV Móvel screenshot 3TV Móvel screenshot 4

The “Mobile TV” is an application for mobile devices with Android operating system that aims to check the TV consumption in devices to measure the television ratings.

The “Mobile TV” application will be installed voluntarily by panellist on your mobile device, from then automatically will benchmark television audience ratings that device. No other use of the device, such as phone conversations, address book, SMS, access to email or internet is monitored by the audience meter.

For the hearing be recorded, the panelist must watch their programming usual TV by the application “Mobile TV”. At the end of the use, the application must be closed. Whenever the device connecting to an internet network (Wi-Fi or 3G), data will be transmitted automatically.

The “Mobile TV” application is designed to not interfere with use of your mobile device or cause conflicts with other programs that are running on your system.

The application can be automatically updated from time to time by Kantar IBOPE Media, and, on such occasions, the panelist may or may not be notified by Kantar Media IBOPE about such changes.

All rights relating to the ownership of the application “Mobile TV” is the exclusive use of Kantar IBOPE Media and panelist may not use, copy, display, modify, distribute, decompile, reverse or otherwise, try to debug the source code application, failing to respond to legal penalties. Also, the following acts are prohibited: total or partial integration of the application in any other package for computers and / or transcription or application content translation into other languages.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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