PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ – Watch TV where and how you're comfortable. Dozens of TV channels, hundreds of TV shows!

PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ

Watch TV where and how you're comfortable. Dozens of TV channels, hundreds of TV shows!

PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 0PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 1PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 2PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 3PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 4PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 5PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 6PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 7PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 8PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 9PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 10PeersTV — бесплатное онлайн ТВ screenshot 11

For your convenience, we have prepared a FAQ, in which the collected answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Peers.TV establish even those who say they do not watch TV. Why? Because Peers.TV simultaneously more (functional) and smaller (the size of) the usual boxes of TV channels. This online TV and recording, IPTV-player, a comfortable TV program and the ability to add your own playlists, as well as full support for Chromecast. The application does not occupy a lot of space to work anywhere in the world and absolutely – again: ABSOLUTELY – free of charge.

In short, with Peers.TV can:
– Watch free TV online;
– Watch TV in the record (missed release or an episode of the series – see them from the archive transmission, where we keep them carefully);
– To add channels to favorites and create your own list of TV channels;
– Broadcast television content to the big screen with the help of Google Chromecast.

And, of course, the application would not be so klёvym without features “timeshift” (the ability to put the air on a break), «start over» (opportunity during the live broadcast go to the beginning) and “Hromkast” (the content broadcast on the TV screen). All this Peers.TV there.

The only thing that may be missing in the app – it’s some of the channels, and only because of the reluctance of TV channels themselves. However, we are doing everything possible (and sometimes impossible) to add to the Pierce TV the most popular and popular channels such as TNT and STS. As they say, stay tuned.

To view the content Peers.TV need an active internet connection. Your mobile operator may charge for 3G / LTE connectivity, check the information on the tariffs with your operator.

Want to help us make the impossible possible? Share ideas and suggestions on
Everything went wrong? You would think that with Peers.TV that something is wrong, and the life left point? Thirst for details on

To cancel push-notifications, go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Peers.TV -> Disable notifications. Uncheck and enjoy ignorance.

For the latest news about the app and updates it makes sense to look into the official group

Thank you for your feedback and good grades!

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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