Mobil Canlı Tv – Award-winning Android Application

Mobil Canlı Tv

Award-winning Android Application

Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 0Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 1Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 2Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 3Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 4Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 5Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 6Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 7Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 8Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 9Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 10Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 11Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 12Mobil Canlı Tv screenshot 13

Award-winning Android Application

Live Mobile TV application you can watch the live broadcast of the television, showing a quality daily streaming interface, reminding you of programs, indicating which programs are currently published, a practice that separates the categories of your favorite programs.

Application has easy access to domestic and foreign total of 39 channels of streaming, you can program your phone details and the program can read up to 1 hour before the start of the program to remind you. So you never miss fondly watched programs.

You can also create your favorite channels list, you can call the channel you want a single keystroke.

Public transport in, in the car, in bed; Experience LIVE TV viewing pleasure anywhere in your mobile phone as your internet connection.

Our application Vodafone Android 2.’lik Oxygen R & D and application contest in the Kadir Has University Computer Engineering has won 1st Prize in 2013 for finishing projects.

The news about our new live TV and streaming applications can follow our page on Facebook and Twitter, you can now submit comments and suggestions.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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