Colors! – Colors! is a fun and simple painting app


Colors! is a fun and simple painting app

Colors! screenshot 0Colors! screenshot 1Colors! screenshot 2Colors! screenshot 3Colors! screenshot 4Colors! screenshot 5Colors! screenshot 6Colors! screenshot 7Colors! screenshot 8Colors! screenshot 9Colors! screenshot 10Colors! screenshot 11

Colors! provides a fun and simple painting experience and invites the user to browse and participate in an online gallery consisting of countless beautiful paintings.

Designed to have a quick and non-intrusive workflow, Colors! provides the tools you need, without any of the distractions.

Half of the fun of painting is to show others the result. In Colors! you can easily upload your works to the vibrant Colors! community, or just share it on your favorite social network. Get feedback, make friends and participate in our regular painting challenges.

Colors! always records the full painting process. View your own playback, and branch it off at any point to take it in a different direction. Or view the playback of any painting in the gallery to learn from other artists.

Export your works in high resolutions. Thanks to the resolution independent image-format that Colors! uses, it will make it look great for printouts.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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