AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 – Abema (Abema) TV isNews, music, sports, such as the popular anime,More than 20 channels of all is "free viewing" can Internet TV stations


Abema (Abema) TV isNews, music, sports, such as the popular anime,More than 20 channels of all is "free viewing" can Internet TV stations

AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 0AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 1AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 2AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 3AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 4AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 5AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 6AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 7AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 8AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 9AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 10AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 11AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 12AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 13AbemaTV-無料インターネットテレビ局 screenshot 14

◆ 1,000 million downloads topped!
◆ Pico Taro debut CM during the broadcast!
◆ 1,000 million downloads topped Memorial Campaign within the app!
[10 million broadcast TV CM that Pico Taro to commemorate the download breakthrough starring! ]

The TV CM that pico Taro to sing the song “PPAP (pen pie Nappo over Appoooh pen)” to attract attention from all over the world is to appear, and then broadcast from November 16, 2016 (water). Also it has broadcast the CM even in the AbemaTV app from November 15, ahead of the TV CM (Tuesday).
And campaign to commemorate the 10 million download breakthrough also will be held! November 15 to December 4 days during the campaign period will be questions the quiz in the SPECIAL channel target program in the AbemaTV! Please join us to download now!

[the AbemaTV (Abe Mattie Vee)]
Cyber ​​Agent and TV Asahi is jointly operated by the member number 40 million more than Ameba (amoeba), enjoy free “Internet TV stations” deployed as to, is a new video service.

Original and live broadcast content, and provides news, music, sports, etc. enjoy a variety of programs in the about 30 channels all free .

[delivery channel]
· AbemaNews
·Foreign drama
And domestic drama
Animation 24
– Late-night anime
– Nostalgic anime
And family animation
– New TV anime
& Fighting
· Documentary
· Yokonori

Etc. You can watch in the about 30 channels are all free .

[membership registration required! ]
Abema (Abema) TV, you can watch the without membership registration anyone anxious immediately channel.

[image quality is fast clean and if connected to wifi]
The wifi environment (※ 1), less moving image read time, you can also switch between smooth program viewing and channel.
※ (1) We recommend the use of in the wifi environment, but have different image quality and communication speed by the communication environment.

[Do not miss the look you want program]
If you check the program to be worried about in such as a program table, you will receive a notification at the start of the broadcast.
broadcast schedule of the program in the program table check to try.

[recommend this hotel]
– Who do not have time to slowly seen in the house TV
· If you want to kill time in the video to the gap time, such as during the movement
Earthquake, those who want to see quickly the emergency news, such as during a disaster
– If you like curation app that can easily gather information
– If you had been to find a new on-demand TV

[Contact Us]
Defect report, other inquiries, please contact the following Abema (Abema) TV customer support.

We support the inquiry order, but since we have now crowded, we have gotten your time about 5 business days to answer. Please acknowledge your understanding.
JASRAC license number: No. 9016941001Y45038
JRC license number: X000670B01L, X000670B03L
E license number ID34996, ID35035

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/d8vLU9


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