myVideo影音(平板) – 電影動漫戲劇線上看 – Theatrical / broadcast news / Popular Theatre / cartoon! Entertainment richest see myVideo

myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看

Theatrical / broadcast news / Popular Theatre / cartoon! Entertainment richest see myVideo

myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 0myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 1myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 2myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 3myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 4myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 5myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 6myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 7myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 8myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 9myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 10myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 11myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 12myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 13myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 14myVideo影音(平板) - 電影動漫戲劇線上看 screenshot 15

December New! Hot Movie recommendation : “corpse Speed ​​Train” “blowing Dream Giant”, “The Mechanic 2” “Siege,” “Hell which is so HIGH” “Mad Max: Road rage directed black and white version of” “play a big wedding “” deeper than the sea, “” out of tune days “” tomorrow, do not come knocking on the door “” my dad meow star people “” chills 2 “” If the world cat disappeared. “” live your life “” suicide commandos ultimate extension Version “” Batman vs. Superman: dawn of justice ultimate Extended Edition “
December crazy chase drama : “Mom as flowers,” “Scarlet Heart 2,” “reserve Love,” “Happy Returns” “just for you”, “12 years after the reunion,” “For Love beautiful “,” descendants of the sun, “” evil, “” heirs “,” falling for innocence. “
2016 winter new Japanese Fan synchronization shelves : “Fearless Witch” “Natsume’s Book of Friends Ng” “I’m so popular how to do” “JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is immortal,” “Double Star of Yin and Yang ” Mobile Suit Gundam Jagged orphans in the second quarter, “” God installed a small girl wrapped “
News December free live museum : “TVBS news station”, “Ettv News”, “extraordinary News” Breaking News on-demand to see, “Lamigo TV” LamiGirls working girl group chaired heat emitted Fun patriotic anchor Xu Chin-yuan hilarious interview and professional players, the series highlights not miss!

online cinema to see myVideo, entertainment wherever you go!
Watch popular movies on-demand, a new fan of animation, free news, Japanese and Korean Drama, kids cartoon … and other diverse entertainment content, and support Google Chromecast streaming player, enjoy the big screen playing pleasure.

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December myVideo activity finale Xian Ying!
. “New Year’s Eve Live” 2017 New Year New Year’s Eve scene with you all night LOL
. “How can so hell HIGH”: Taiwan added to our exclusive pre-empt
. “Corpse off 5 Speed ​​Train Coming Soon”: 12/7 Limited Collector’s Edition pre-order, enjoy half-price concession
. “Tribute to the Masters”: a series of works director Woody Allen Review
. “Star Wars”: Monty Python a full range of complete collection
. “Christmas fantasy adventure”: fantasy story with you memorable Christmas
. “Wang Shi Ann Taipei Concert”: eyebrows female, myVideo live online
. “Goodies enjoy every day”: a day of exciting promotions promising easy pieces

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1. More autonomous
. Yingyi cloud more cross-platform:
Cross-platform support for a variety of smart phones, tablet computers, personal computers and Google Chromecast streaming player.
. Dynamic bandwidth adjust the best viewing quality:
High specification audio and video compression technology, and according to the user to connect the signal, automatically adjust the best viewing quality.
. Cross-platform seamless stitch audiovisual:
Allows you to use other means have not read easily continue the progress.

2. Look better
. Monthly or see full monolithic purchase, with your choice!
If you prefer to see the full month, you can choose monthly or yearly based service that allows you unlimited look. In addition, we have a monolithic, series of films for your purchase. Even better, there are various promotions and even free to watch and other goodies, love to meet your piece.
. Links to watch the big screen, I decide:
Your phone, tablet, can be linked through the HDMI cable to the television. More usable Chromecast streaming wireless remote control, allowing you to easily select videos on the couch and enjoy excellent video and audio feast through the big screen.

3. Better use
. Caring management, audio and video enjoyment do not miss:
Providing “My Videos”, manage your video collection, “Personal Inbox” may receive various promotions, events, film and other notifications shelves, so you no longer worry about missing loved good films.
. Fast enjoy full-service sign
Where the use of Email, Facebook account or Taiwan Mobile Gate Jieke join fun. A variety of convenient payment methods, “Taiwan Mobile telecommunications billing”, “credit card”, “watching films of gold” so you can easily enjoy audio and video speed.

1. Content-based licensees videos claimed AV incorporated DRM digital rights management security mechanism, if your device is ever Brush (Root), will not be able to watch, please forgive me.
2. myVideo video content offerings are legitimately authorized users can enjoy peace of mind, and requested support for the legitimate genuine movie, the fight against piracy.
3. The mandate of the film contains only Taiwan, if your location is not viewed Taiwan will not be able to watch.

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