4YouSee Digital Signage – Digital Signage Software 4YouSee for amazing out of home networks operation.

4YouSee Digital Signage

Digital Signage Software 4YouSee for amazing out of home networks operation.

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4YouSee is Digital Signage Software in the Cloud that delivers location based content using Android Players.

4YouSee is a stable, lightweight and complete software for digital signage management. The application has the latest tools for managing Digital Out of Home (DOOH) networks, and supports multiple media formats and RSS Channels in order to empower your business and captivate your audience.

Some key differentials:

* Multi-platform -> No matter which OS you want to use for playing your ads and signs, 4YouSee will make it happen. 4YouSee Player runs on Android, Windows and Linux.

* Location-based Content -> For Digital Signage in transportation, iniside buses, shuttles and taxis, with a GPS antenna plugged in the USB port, 4YouSee will deliver content related to places where the vehicle goes through.

* Simplified RSS Channels -> With 4YouSee you don’t need to write a single line of code to fetch your RSS Feeds. Completely focused in end-user operation, 4YouSee Manager will sanitize the whole content and deliver it to the players, that runs SWF or HTML5 templates that you can download from our WIKI (wiki.4yousee.com.br) and easily customize.

* State-of-art Data Source Fetching -> No matter if your dynamic content is not in RSS Format. 4YouSee tools take care of properly reading your content from SQL Databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostreSQL. 4YouSee also reads content from text, XLS spreadsheets, Webservices, and lots of other formats.

* Pricing and Checking -> Managing ads delivery has never been so easy. 4YouSee permits you to budget your clients campaigns and deliver a checking report, ensuring the number of times each ad has been displayed.

* TV and Streaming -> With 4YouSee running on your displays is possible to tune Digital TV channels or setup your players to show live streaming from cameras or network.

* Interactive Content -> Use 4YouSee to broadcast interactive HTML5 and SWF content.


Necessary to install Adobe Flash Player to display SWF content.


4YouSee delivers the same functionalities as Scala and Broadsign.

Enjoy our free version.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/zFn6Rs


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