Video Kiosk – Loop video, images, web pages, digital signage, interactive kiosk, remote update

Video Kiosk

Loop video, images, web pages, digital signage, interactive kiosk, remote update

Video Kiosk screenshot 0Video Kiosk screenshot 1Video Kiosk screenshot 2Video Kiosk screenshot 3Video Kiosk screenshot 4Video Kiosk screenshot 5Video Kiosk screenshot 6Video Kiosk screenshot 7Video Kiosk screenshot 8Video Kiosk screenshot 9Video Kiosk screenshot 10Video Kiosk screenshot 11Video Kiosk screenshot 12Video Kiosk screenshot 13Video Kiosk screenshot 14Video Kiosk screenshot 15Video Kiosk screenshot 16Video Kiosk screenshot 17

LICENSING: $14.99 Video Kiosk is a Free Trial download. Video Kiosk is licensed on a per device basis. If you need to install the App on a large number of devices, contact us about volume discounts.

Turn your Android device into a reliable, robust, secure Android kiosk playing looping videos, images and web pages. Easy to use, you’ll have your Android TV, tablet, phone playing videos, images and web pages and running unattended, and reliably with minimal set up. Optional advanced features, include secure Kiosk Mode for access management of interactive displays, remote management and update, playback scheduling, overlays, backgrounds and flexible screen layouts – full screen or four-panel digital signage with widgets.

The complete User Manual PDF can be found by clicking here.


Easy to Use

Plays video and/or images and/or web pages in a loop with a simple 2-step Installation. Here’s what you do:

Create a folder [/sdcard/Video Kiosk or /sdcard/Movies/Video Kiosk] and put your media in the folder
Launch Video Kiosk

Video Kiosk will now play the contents of the folder, in a loop, unattended. Video Kiosk can be used to run the big screen at a gym, shop, or anywhere where you need to run a digital signage display. The only thing staff needs to know how to do is turn the TV on – Video Kiosk takes care of the rest.

Flexible display modes

Use Full screen display for video loop player on tablet or phone, full screen for Digital Signage with Android TV
Use four-panel screen for Digital Signage with widgets (looping media in one, widgets in the other three)
Use with touchscreen overlays and Secure Kiosk Mode for Interactive Kiosks

Control Video Loop Playback Order and Schedule

Control Playback Order using Playlists, Sort by path or filename, Random order or Round Robin through folders
Set a playback schedule using Android Calendar, Google Calendar, XML schedule file

Secure Kiosk

Control access to the kiosk software and to the device:

Password protect Video Kiosk
Restrict access to device controls, especially useful for interactive devices
Video Kiosk can kill the System UI, for Secure Kiosk mode (on rooted devices only)

Reliable digital signage

Built-in logic keeps Video Kiosk playing the video loop

Starts playing when device is restarted or awaken from sleep
Error Handling: Skips unplayable files and keeps playing, restarts the kiosk when too many errors detected
Integrated kiosk web view allows internet use for interactive kiosks but Video Kiosk returns to video loop on timeout
No down time required when updating. The new video loop will play the next time the loop starts.

Video Kiosk Remote Management and Update

With Video Kiosk’s remote management features and a cloud service, you can update and manage all of your video kiosks, simultaneously, from anywhere that you have Internet access and with no device downtime.

Remote Video Loop Update: Use Video Kiosk with cloud file sync services to remotely manage the content in your video loop or update playback order, schedule, background and overlays
Remote Device Status Reporting: Integrate Video Kiosk with a management system to receive device status reports.


Overlays and backgrounds. Overlay video with graphics (company logo). Customize backgrounds behind 4-panel display.
Video Kiosk Guides and Tutorials at


System Requirements: Android 4.x or later

Compatibility: Android phone, tablet, TV Sticks. Please use rockchip based TV boxes (like i68) to avoid the black flash problem of amlogic SoC. Contact me if you are not sure which TV box to use.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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