Video Editor : Video Maker – Video Editor : Video Maker

Video Editor : Video Maker

Video Editor : Video Maker

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Video Editor You want to edit your own video,make your video about some ceremony and keep the memories through the clips.You want to use a simple and easy to use video editor.

Combines Everything you need to Edit Video :-

1.Video Cutter :-

– Easily Trim Any portion of your video with this video editor app. Also you can remove music from the video.

2.Crop Video :-

– Crop and Trim best part of video and remove unwanted logos and watermarks to share in social apps.

3.Video Converter :-

– Convert your video to useful formats like mp4,mkv,mov,mpeg,mpg,avi,flv,wmv.

5.Slow Motion Video Maker :-

– Create slow motion video of a particular part of video by using trim option or make the whole video slow. Choose any video and select speed like 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, up to 1/10.

6.Fast Motion Video Maker :-

– Use fast motion video app to increase speed of the video using this video editor app. You can make whole video run in fast motion or particular portion of video using trim option. Supports speed like 1X, 2X, 3X, up to 10X.

7.Video Compressor :-

– Compress video in different size and quality which is useful to save phone memory. Compress video of almost any format to different resolution by choosing desired percentage of compression.

8.Video to Photo :-

– Grab particular and perfect moments from recorded videos and playable gallery videos in simple steps. Supports Quick Capture and Auto Snap between time interval.

9.Rotate video :-

– Did you record or saved your video in wrong direction or is the orientation wrong? No need to worry anymore because now you can Rotate your video in different angles rotate video option.

10.Video Merging :-

– Want to merge or join multiple videos together? then use this app. To combine multiple videos choose “Merger” option and select video clips that you want to join together and click on right mark.

11.Video Square :-

– If you are an Instagram user then you will know why we need square video. By default our videos which we take from mobile cameras are not in square format so to make square we need some app.

12.Video Watermark :-

– Want to add watermark to videos? use this app as video watermarking app. You can easily place water mark on any of your video by changing font size, font style, color of the font, location of the watermark and of course opacity of the watermark easily.

13.Video Scale :-

– Resize your video using aspect ratio or by customising size of video.

14.Video Transcoder :-

– Video Transcoder Tools Convert Videos to other Formats,Change Resolution to Make Your Videos Smaller.

15.Video Splitter :-

– Video Splitter Tools Split Video With Simple Steps And Save File to Your Phone.Splitting Video With Selected Time Intervals As You Like With Same Video and Audio Quality.

16.Video Reverse :-

– Video Reverse Tools Create And Watch Videos in Reverse and Create Combination of Video + Reverse Video.

17.Audio Video Mixer :-

– Audio Video Mixer Tools Provides a Facility for Changing Background Music of Any Video Files.

18.Video Maker :-

– Photo to Video Tools Creating Video From Images and Music.

19.Video Crop :-

– Video Crop Tools Crop Very Simply and Easily Any Kind of Video in the Format MP4,3GP and WMV.

20.Video Locker :-

– Video Locker Tools You Can Lock Sensitive Videos From Your Video Gallery and Access.

21.Movie SlideShow Maker :-

– Movie SlideShow Maker Tools Creating Slideshow Video with Your Beautiful Photo of Your Family and Friend is now Easy for Anyone.

22.Video Collage Maker :-

– Video Collage Maker Tools Combine Videos Into One Collage Video to Make a Beautiful Video to Save and Share Across World.

23.Video Merger : Joiner :-

– Video Merger : Joiner Tools Helps You to Create Single Video File From Multiple Small Video Files.

25.Video Mirror Effect :-

– Video Mirror Effect Tools Mirror video With Selected Time Intervals as You Like Without Reduce The Quality of the Sound & Video.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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