Christie QuickConnect – Enables users to project content to compatible Christie projector over Wi-Fi®

Christie QuickConnect

Enables users to project content to compatible Christie projector over Wi-Fi®

Christie QuickConnect screenshot 0Christie QuickConnect screenshot 1Christie QuickConnect screenshot 2Christie QuickConnect screenshot 3Christie QuickConnect screenshot 4Christie QuickConnect screenshot 5Christie QuickConnect screenshot 6Christie QuickConnect screenshot 7Christie QuickConnect screenshot 8Christie QuickConnect screenshot 9Christie QuickConnect screenshot 10Christie QuickConnect screenshot 11Christie QuickConnect screenshot 12Christie QuickConnect screenshot 13Christie QuickConnect screenshot 14Christie QuickConnect screenshot 15Christie QuickConnect screenshot 16Christie QuickConnect screenshot 17Christie QuickConnect screenshot 18

The Christie® QuickConnect App enables end users and installers to project photos, documents and websites to compatible Christie projector over Wi-Fi® from their Android mobile digital devices. This app is specifically designed to control Christie LW401, LWU421, LX501, LW551i, LWU501i, LX601i, DXG1051-Q, DWX951-Q and DWU951-Q projectors.

The app is supported on Android OS version 2.3 and 4.0-4.3 enabled mobile digital devices.

The Christie QuickConnect app and the projector must be on the same local Wi-Fi network.
Key features
• Projector discovery
• Content delivery let users display content from their Android devices to projector.
• Documents
• Images
• Webpages
• Projector control
• Control projector: Standby/ On, Audio Mute, Blank and Freeze
• Input source selection: choose from two computer ports, two USB ports, HDMI, Video, S-Video and LAN
• Advanced setting
• Display mode – full Image mode or multi – devices mode (up to 4 devices at the same time).
• Presenter mode enables the user to invite others to present or prevent another device from connecting to the projector.

Keywords: wireless presentation, wireless content delivery, projection control, projector control, wireless projector control, remote projector control

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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