Video & TV SideViewプレーヤープラグイン – In the mobile device using the Video & TV SideViewFor to watch a TV programPaid plug-ins

Video & TV SideViewプレーヤープラグイン

In the mobile device using the Video & TV SideViewFor to watch a TV programPaid plug-ins

Video & TV SideViewプレーヤープラグイン screenshot 0Video & TV SideViewプレーヤープラグイン screenshot 1

– “Video & TV SideView Player plug-in” Tested mobile devices is here

• In some of the Xperia ™, the purchase of this plug-in is not required.
For more information, please check your Xperia ™ in the above site.

• The plug-in does not work by itself. Be sure to install the latest version of the “Video & TV SideView” app (free), please use.
Download of “Video & TV SideView” app (Free) is here

– This plug-in for mobile devices of the Atom ™ processor-based does not correspond.

• The plug-in icon, does not appear in the smart phone / tablet’s home screen. It will be incorporated as an additional feature to the “Video & TV SideView” app (Free).

● Main features
· viewing from outside anywhere
Over the Internet from the road, access to the home of Sony Blu-ray disc recorder or nasne ™. You can watch the recorded program and the program being broadcast. Overseas travel destination, it is also possible to see the Japan of the program to be worried about.

· throughout your entire home anywhere viewing
Home over the network, access to the Sony Blu-ray disc recorder or nasne ™ of the home. The recorded program or program being broadcast you can watch at home throughout the desired location.

· Wireless outing transfer
The program recorded on a Blu-ray disc recorder or nasne ™ Sony, high-speed transfer via the home network. You can enjoy taking out the program.

For such as how to use and compatible devices, for more information,
Video & TV SideView Visit the official site:

● Note
· In order to use this plug-in, you need a device that Android 4.1 or higher is installed. However, it may not be available depending on the version of the model and OS.

Tested mobile devices, please check the following site.

• Depending on your existing model and OS version you might have to limit to some functions occur.

– For copyright protection, root reduction has been the equipment, the equipment the app has been installed to aid in the root of not available for Video & TV SideView player plug-in.

– Sony Blu-ray disc recorder has different features that are available depending on the model.
For more information, please visit the following sites.

Video & TV SideView official site: compatible devices

And other, such as precautions for use, is more information, and Video & TV SideView player plug-in? Please refer to the:

Services are subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

And price are subject to change without notice.

● Information
For maintenance failure information, please visit here.

● For specific trade law

Download apk file for android:


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