Skywatch View Latest Version APK for Android

Skywatch View apk
Skywatch View apk

An elegant solution for smart places. Skywatch View is offered by Skywatch Innovation. Last Updated: November 24, 2016. Current Version: 5.3.0

Skywatch is an elegant solution for smart places. It is designed to seamlessly integrates network camera, environmental sensor, switches with our cloud recording and smart notification services.

Anytime, Anywhere
We make it super easy to monitor and control your places.

Across Locations
Know that your families are comfortable and your co-workers are safe, with just a single glance.

Meaningful Communication
Design your rules, and get meaningful events about your home.

Latest Updates

Version 5.3.0:

1. Fix local video download.

2. Fix timeline loading issue.

Version 5.2.7:

1. Arm/Disarm support.

Version 5.2.6:

1. Player refinement.

2. Fixed bug while seeking videos.

3. Fixed audio issue.

4. Improved UX.

Version 5.1.6:

1. Security improvement.

2. UI improvement.

Version 5.1.1:

1. New user interface.

2. Improve battery usage.

3. Fix some bugs.

Version 4.9.4:

1. Support smart daily.

Version 4.9.3:

1. Fix cloud archive bug.


Skywatch View 2017

Skywatch View APK

Download Skywatch View

Download Skywatch View APK

Skywatch View for Android

Download Skywatch View for Android

Download Skywatch View APK for Android

Skywatch View 5.3.0 screenshot

Skywatch View screenshot 0Skywatch View screenshot 1Skywatch View screenshot 2Skywatch View screenshot 3

Skywatch View apk video

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