fussilet Kuran Merkezi – Download Center fussilet Qur'an as official mobile application completely FREE.

fussilet Kuran Merkezi

Download Center fussilet Qur'an as official mobile application completely FREE.

fussilet Kuran Merkezi screenshot 0fussilet Kuran Merkezi screenshot 1fussilet Kuran Merkezi screenshot 2fussilet Kuran Merkezi screenshot 3fussilet Kuran Merkezi screenshot 4

* Fussilet prepared by the Centre and the Turkish Mealli Quran followed by millions of people all over the world with the Holy Koran is the Koran to read videos in different manner now download our mobile application. By downloading the world prepared the most popular in HD quality from the sound of the mem Turkish mealli Koran videos and listen to both our holy book, as you can by reading the Turkish equivalent learned God has given us messages in a clear manner.

* In practice, the Saudi prepared from mem Nasser al Qatami sound Turkish mealli can watch Koran videos with in order of time the entire Koran, “Organization” video, you can follow the organization that we have performed with world-famous hafiz, “according to the Subject videos with” Abubakr the answer to many problems attached to your mind will find a line sung by the video, “the video for which networks of Hafez” by Nasser al Qatada me, Abu Bakr line and many other hafiz of the Qur’an can be shared awe they felt when reading, “Short Short videos with” Amenerrasul of Ayetel Course, when you want the most widely read verses such as Levi Enzela, easily accessible from anywhere, and you can watch as much as you want.

* They can also find published anywhere before one of the most popular Turkish mealli Hafiz Quran recitation prepared from different videos of our mobile apps.

Application features:
– Watch videos in HD quality on your mobile device with this application.
– Thanks to incoming notifications will be notified of new videos instantly.
– Easily find the video you want to watch the video call feature within the application.
– A video you like Facebook, sharing with friends on Twitter and Whatsapp.

This large study conducted for the first time in the world of mobile applications by recommending our hope that you will bring everyone a lot of people.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/SKk3yB


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