Kanvas – Kanvas is your all-in-one creative community: make gifs, videos & stream live!


Kanvas is your all-in-one creative community: make gifs, videos & stream live!

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Stream Live!
Kanvas gives you the craziest live streaming experience ever! Instantly change the world around you with stunning visual effects, filters, animated gif stickers and drawing tools. Viewers can live with broadcasters, react with hearts, emojis and stickers. All live streams can be replayed and commented on any time in the future.

Unlimited Ways to Get Creative!
Put your creativity into action with our 6 compose modes by making recording gifs, time-lapse & slow motion videos, animations, drawings and photo slideshows. All kanvases are easily shared to Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, SMS and email!

Find us online!
Twitter – @kanvas
Instagram – @kanvasapp

We would love to hear from you. Please email support@getkanvas.com with any feedback or questions.

Key Features

Live Streaming
Record and edit a live video broadcast with stunning visual effects, filters, animated gifs and live painting. Replay your video broadcast and leave real time comments at any time in the future.

Quickly jot down a status, choose a color and add a gif background to express what you are thinking at any given moment.

Gif burst
Find something moving or go to selfie mode and tap the record button. With just one tap, you will create a memorable moment in motion!

Video mode enables users to record stop-motion video up to 15 seconds total. Users can then adjust the speed of the video (slow to lapse) and add text to the video.

Users can select up to 150 photos to make a flipbook kanvas. They can adjust speed between photos.

We completely revamped the painting experience and broke out painting into a separate mode. Users can select different paint brushes including fine pen, marker, pencil and paint brush to create a work of art.

Custom Mode – Use any of your favorite decorations to edit photos, gifs and videos all in the same place by adding text, stickers, overlays, drawings to decorate each frame.

– Record up to 15 seconds of video with a custom stop motion camera.

– Upload videos, gifs & photos from your Camera Roll or search for content on Giphy, Instagram, Tumblr & Flickr.

– Chat message is a great way to make new friends and use fun stickers reactions in conversations

– Choose from over 500 handcrafted stickers and overlays to spice up your kanvas. Free and premium packs include animated overlays and stickers, emojis, kanvas mascot, love, arrows, shapes, popular mantras, gentleman stickers, headwear, words and more!

– Put your thoughts and opinions into words with over 150 beautiful fonts!

– Draw on your kanvas with 7 paint brushes and tons of colors!

– React to kanvases you love with our custom stickers reactions.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/aRbCx1


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