Digital Signage Player – Build and display compelling Marketing Messages very easy at almost no cost!

Digital Signage Player

Build and display compelling Marketing Messages very easy at almost no cost!

Digital Signage Player screenshot 0Digital Signage Player screenshot 1

Stinova’s iChannel Signage Player lite in combination with iChannel Cloud is a professional low-cost Digital Signage marketing tool that lets you create playlists from editable templates, videos, pictures and HTML pages. iChannel enables you to play them out on any type of screen using approved player devices. Use the iChannel Digital Signage Cloud to control and schedule your iChannel Signage Players on your Android devices such as tablets or media players over the internet. You can use the small form factor iChannel MediaStick to display your playlists on desktop monitors or wall-mounted big-screen TV’s for instant marketing results in Full-HD quality.

iChannel is the perfect portal to manage and create compelling marketing content on any device in many environments such as:

Retail Stores
Shopping Malls
Corporate Reception
Hotel Lobby
Waiting Rooms
Doctors Office

Please Sign-Up at in order to manage your device FREE of charge for 30 days. To register your player in your iChannel account wait until you see a 5 digit code on the screen of the player you have installed (internet connection required). Then log into your iChannel account and register the player to your account by typing in the 5 digit code in your registration page. Otherwise if you not want to manage the device through the cloud deactivate the flag “Network Mode” inside the menu and charge your device with a USB stick. For this procedure you have to create a folder called “content” and insert your content such as Video and images (.mp4 and.jpeg only) and then plug the USB device into your Android device. On stand-alone USB charge mode there might be promotion slides integrated.

Please contact for support or further inquiries.

Download apk file:


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