booxTV – booxTV brings TV programs to your mobile from all Finnish free-to-air channels!


booxTV brings TV programs to your mobile from all Finnish free-to-air channels!

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booxTV for Android allows you to record and watch recorded programs from Finnish free-to-air TV channels. Live viewing of some Finnish TV channels is also available. If you buy a license to booxTV Premium channel package, you can also watch some of the pay TV channels!

booxTV allows you to view recorded TV-shows from Finnish free-to-air channels over 3G and Wi-Fi by
streaming from the service.

booxTV also offers Booxmote feature. Booxmote is intelligent visual remote controller that connects your mobile device to bigger screen for recording or Live TV playback. You can use Booxmote with computer web browsers, or directly with Samsung SmartTV through a dedicated app!

booxTV service is totally free for the first 30-days, after which you can buy commercial licenses to the service from the application.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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