Wifi Display (Miracast) – Able to play videos, music, photos.. etc in my smartphone with any devices

Wifi Display (Miracast)

Able to play videos, music, photos.. etc in my smartphone with any devices

Wifi Display (Miracast) screenshot 0Wifi Display (Miracast) screenshot 1Wifi Display (Miracast) screenshot 2Wifi Display (Miracast) screenshot 3Wifi Display (Miracast) screenshot 4Wifi Display (Miracast) screenshot 5Wifi Display (Miracast) screenshot 6Wifi Display (Miracast) screenshot 7

Able to play videos, music, photos, documents, etc in my smartphone with any devices (smartphone, smartTV, laptop, tablet, etc) at anywhere internet is available. This application can only play contents but send screen as is such as HDMI, MHL, Miracast and Chromecast.

As it does not send screen as is, it does not need extra dongle or cable. All you need to do is to connect each device with same router.

This application provides streaming service and relieves you of the burden of transferring files.

Basically you can play videos, music and photos in real time with the devices connected to your smartphone and other files are downloaded from the devices connected your smartphone.

If you do not want to play videos in real time but want to download it, put “_” or other special character after extension of the files of video, music or photo.

For example, if you replace “music.mp3” to “music.mp3_”, you can download it instead of playing in real time.

From now on, play video, music and photo in real time without copying it.

*Click the “Start”, the Mobile hotspot will be operating automatically.


*After installing streaming server and AP is on, connect to AP from other devices.
1) If you use android blackbox, access to smartphone and check and play the video after installing streaming server.
2) When you watch movie in the smartphone with the tablet, do not transfer the file. Install the streaming server to your smartphone and connect the tablet to the smartphone. Then just play it with the tablet.
3) Add ‘_’ after extension of file of video, image and music. Then you can download it from other devices instead of playing it in real time. (Use Astro to edit extension)

* The app also allows for banner ads at the bottom of the screen.

See more information: https://goo.gl/noOYmc


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