Tv Vodafone – Vodafone Tv Net Voice a complete TV experience on your Tablet and Smartphone.

Tv Vodafone

Vodafone Tv Net Voice a complete TV experience on your Tablet and Smartphone.

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Vodafone Tv Net Voz application provides a complete experience television on your Tablet and Smartphone.

View TV channels live, see VideoClub movies, consult the TV schedule, schedule and manage their recordings remotely and control your TV box Vodafone through a complete remote control, which includes the innovative Voice Command.

To take full advantage of the features provided by the client application simply be Vodafone Tv Net Voz.
• If you are already Vodafone TV client sign in with your data My Vodafone.
• If you are not customer, look at if your address is in a coverage area.

Available features:

TV Guide:
• Access to 7 days of programming for all channels of the Vodafone service
• Schedule recordings with ease from the programming grid.

• Organize recordings and schedules of its Vodafone TV box with ease.
• Go directly to your recorder so you can check, delete or even see * the programs you’ve recorded.
* Available for customers with access to the new recording experience

Automatic recordings:
• See TV programming now in the last 7 days. Available for the main TV channels.

Remote control:
• Operating the TV service of Vodafone’s voice. You can say the name or channel number you want to view the TV Box to your home immediately switches to that channel.
• A complete remote control with just one touch.

Live TV
• View the TV channels we have available for viewing on the Tablet and Smartphone. Watch TV anywhere.

• Find out VideoClub service catalog of Vodafone, including all the information and Trailers display:
• Rent and see the Tablet and Smartphone your favorite movies. You can also view the movies on your TV box rented Vodafone or on your PC, in
Install the application and start to use the best television experience in Tablet and Smartphone!
The Tablet version is compatible with tablets with a minimum resolution of 960 x 720 and Android 3.2 or higher system.
The Smartphone version is compatible with devices with Android version 4.0.3 or higher.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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