OpenLP – Remote 2.0 Latest Version APK for Android

OpenLP - Remote 2.0 apk
OpenLP – Remote 2.0 apk

OpenLP the open source church Projection software. OpenLP – Remote 2.0 is offered by Tim Bentley. Last Updated: November 21, 2016. Current Version: 2.0

OpenLP Android Client allows remote control of a running OpenLP client over a wireless network or Internet.

This is version 2 of the Android client and is work in progress. Not all functions have been developed yet but the delivered functions are tested.

This version of the client works with OpenLP 2.0 but is designed to support OpenLP 2.2 as it has SSL and user authentication.

OpenLP stands for “Open Source Lyrics Projection” and is presentation software developed for churches to provide a single easy to use interface for the projection needs of a typical worship service.
OpenLP has searchable databases of songs and Bible verses allowing them to be projected instantly or saved in a pre-prepared order of service file. Themes allow for a variety of presentation options and allow you to add attractive visuals to enhance your presentations. PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations, videos and audio files can be run from within the program removing the need to switch between different programs. Alert messages can be displayed so the nursery or car park stewards can notify the congregation easily.

The following functions are supported:
– Select Address and Port of running OpenLP instance.
– Handle user authentication of updates
– Support SSL
– View all items in a service.
– Change the slide of a live item
– Make an item in a service live.
– Blank the display
– Issue an alert
– Support a graphical main view.

The following functions have not been ported yet:
– Search of item in databases
– Add to service or directly live


OpenLP – Remote 2.0 2017

OpenLP – Remote 2.0 APK

Download OpenLP – Remote 2.0

Download OpenLP – Remote 2.0 APK

OpenLP – Remote 2.0 for Android

Download OpenLP – Remote 2.0 for Android

Download OpenLP – Remote 2.0 APK for Android

OpenLP – Remote 2.0 2.0 screenshot

OpenLP - Remote 2.0 screenshot 0OpenLP - Remote 2.0 screenshot 1OpenLP - Remote 2.0 screenshot 2OpenLP - Remote 2.0 screenshot 3OpenLP - Remote 2.0 screenshot 4OpenLP - Remote 2.0 screenshot 5OpenLP - Remote 2.0 screenshot 6OpenLP - Remote 2.0 screenshot 7OpenLP - Remote 2.0 screenshot 8

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