DVD Mireru for CDReco – Wireless DVD-Video Streaming Player / Wi-Fi DVD Streamer for IO-DATA CDReco

DVD Mireru for CDReco

Wireless DVD-Video Streaming Player / Wi-Fi DVD Streamer for IO-DATA CDReco

DVD Mireru for CDReco screenshot 0DVD Mireru for CDReco screenshot 1DVD Mireru for CDReco screenshot 2DVD Mireru for CDReco screenshot 3

Using DVD Mireru for CDReco, you can enjoy the DVD Video via Wi-Fi streaming.
You do not need to sit on a couch in your living room to watch DVD movies any more. You can watch it anywhere in your home where the Wi-Fi network of the Wi-Fi DVD drive works.
DVDMireru for CDReco doesn’t need Wi-Fi router. If you connect the Wi-Fi DVD drive to AC power source or mobile buttery, you can play DVD on the go or in the car.
App can control DVD playback and support Subtitle, Angle Change, Audio Change, Last Stop Position and Root Menu.
Refer to the following Help how to operation.


*1: If you have “DVDMireru” drive, you can use one DVDMireru App for free. If you need additional licenses for DVDMireru App, please purchase “DVDMireru for CDReco”.
Please check also the following page for the detail information.

*2: If you are using “CDReco” Wi-Fi drive, please update “CDReco” App and then update the Firmware of CDReco Wi-Fi drive.
(You cannot update Firmware, if you connect the drive to USB port.)

*3: You cannot use this App, if the drive is connected to smartphone/tablet via USB.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/I8WEH9


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