DVDミレル ダイレクト (CDRI-S24A用) – DVD-Video is Mirel in the drive and the smartphone / tablet!

DVDミレル ダイレクト (CDRI-S24A用)

DVD-Video is Mirel in the drive and the smartphone / tablet!

DVDミレル ダイレクト (CDRI-S24A用) screenshot 0DVDミレル ダイレクト (CDRI-S24A用) screenshot 1DVDミレル ダイレクト (CDRI-S24A用) screenshot 2DVDミレル ダイレクト (CDRI-S24A用) screenshot 3

【please note】
“DVD Mirel Direct” is a paid app for DVD viewing for the Android-only CD record “CDRI-S24A”.
The other, DVD viewing application “DVD Mirel” series,
And DVRP-W8AI app “DVD Mirel (free of charge)”,
There is a CDRI-W24AI (CD record Wi-Fi) for application “DVD Mirel for CD recorder (paid)”.
So as not to buy the non-compliant application to mistake your existing drive, please note.

【Product Description】
“DVD Mirel Direct”, using the Android-only CD record “CDRI-S24A”, is an application for playing a DVD-Video disc in the USB cable connection.

You do not need to sit in a chair in the living room to watch a DVD.
The CD record “CDRI-S24A” body, connected to the smartphone / tablet by using a USB cable, you can enjoy the DVD. If you can supply power to the CD record “CDRI-S24A” body, such as in the power outlet and mobile battery, you can also play a DVD on the go and the car.
App change of subtitles and audio in the DVD-Video disc playback, multi-angle, the playback position resume, supports the display of the root menu.

For more information about the support of the smartphone is
Please confirm.

Method of operation, please refer to the following help (URL).

(Note 1) If you wish to use in two or more of the terminal, please buy the “DVD Mirel direct” app for each terminal.

(Note 2) for the corresponding models, even if not meet the conditions, such as the version of the OS, it does not have guaranteed to operate with all of the smartphone-tablet. Depending on your environment may not work.

that’s all

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/zk7TLa


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