RaysCast For Chromecast – localcast,webcast,videocast,photocast,stream online, all features in 1 app.

RaysCast For Chromecast

localcast,webcast,videocast,photocast,stream online, all features in 1 app.

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Instantly cast your favorite music, photos,videos. and movies to your smart tv, chromecast, even cast from web ,from any website with new web casting feature.

RaysCast for Chromecast is an Android Chromecast app to cast videos and cast music to your Smart TV and other Chromecast compatible system. Anyone can easily cast streaming

videos, music, photos, and other media. RaysCast not only support web video or online video, it also allows you to do media share from your phone local media storage such as SD

cards. In a way, this Android application turns your mobile device into a Chromecast remote. Our most powerful feature is web casting or cast from web. As a user, you can cast and

streaming videos from any website. All of your media in one place because we support localcast, webcast, and videocast.

People love to watch online video and streaming videos on their phone. This is why they are looking for a media app that integrates their multimedia system with their mobile phone

seamlessly. Maybe you are one of the people who are looking for a Google cast app for easier media share from your phone with ability to stream to TV, including other features such as

localcast, webcast, and videocast.

With RaysCast, you can cast online video, audio, photo & other local media to bigger screens such as stream to TV. With smooth Playback and simple user interface, we are proud to

create an awesome Google cast application that you can use every day for your entertainment purpose. The best thing about this Chromecast app is that you can download and use

this Google cast application for FREE.
✓Download and use our media share app for FREE.
✓Use RaysCast to cast your favorite photos, videos, audio or any other file to the bigger screen or other compatible Multimedia System.
✓ Enjoy faster streaming videos with our Smooth Playback feature.
✓ Cast Online media from Server and Dropbox seamlessly.
✓ Cast online videos and web videos from any website.
✓ Cast all local media from your Android device and SD card.
✓ RaysCast has the ability to automatically search all your media files for convenient exploring.
✓ Using our media app is very easy with our wonderful user interface.
✓RaysCast also supports different media types.
Enjoy the ultimate casting experience with RaysCast (for ChromeCast)! Our users love to cast videos, cast music, photos, and other media files including local media files using

RaysCast. Watching web video is so easy now because you can turn your mobile device into a Chromecast remote and watch the online video on a big screen! Enjoy the feeling of

watching videos on the theater wherever you go. Now turn on your phone remote to stream to TV and enjoy localcast, webcast, and videocast.
If you have any suggestion for us to improve and make this ChromeCast app better, please write to us through email. We will resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Don’t forget to share this media app among all your friends who enjoy casting with ChromeCast as much as you do and please support us with your rating and review! .

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/wBAWoc


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