Doorbell IP Cam – Porter with USB camera

Doorbell IP Cam

Porter with USB camera

Doorbell IP Cam screenshot 0Doorbell IP Cam screenshot 1Doorbell IP Cam screenshot 2

Doorbell IP Cam Server is a Java client application. The server runs on equipment
linux type ODROID / Raspberry Pi. Pressing a button (bell) can send an alert to all customers.

With a USB webcam-compatible clients can access the live video.
This project was realized with a ODROID-C1 supports Java and GPIO bookstores but can be adapted to any Linux compatible device.

You must have a ODROID or Raspberry Pi, a USB camera, a bell (push button) with a pull up resistor and LED diodes.

Explanations and executables available here:
Sources available here:

The server is to compile significant “OdroidGPIOControl” as external library (in eclipse: Project properties -> Java build path (tree-item) -> Projects (tab) -> Add)
A jar already pre-compiled file is also available.

Note that I realized this project for a personal need and I disseminate it for free and without advertising. Thank you to let me know any improvements.

Download apk file for android:


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