OneClick Serials – OneClick Serials – more than 600 series, ready for downloading / viewing online

OneClick Serials

OneClick Serials – more than 600 series, ready for downloading / viewing online

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With OneClick Serials service, you can choose a favorite series from the directory, and then download * it through your favorite download manager, or using a browser to their smartphone.
Exactly the same requirements for viewing. See it through anything! Either through a standard video player, or through popular players, which you used to enjoy (for example, MX Player).

Advantages of use:

– You download any series of any series, including quality, which will choose themselves.
– Download is performed from the resource that you choose **
– Huge catalog of 15 000 series and 600 series ***
– Easy navigation and intelligent search.
– Editing the series and adding to the list of series.

In addition, it’s all completely free, and carefully wrapped up in a nice interface Material Design!

For downloads, we recommend the use of:
– DVGet
– Download Manager (distributed in by the MIUI firmware)

For downloads from a browser:
– Google Chrome
– Opera Mini / Mobile

To view Online:
– MX Player (plus the appropriate codecs for your smartphone)

To download TV shows and view the catalog you need unlimited Internet access. The use can significantly increase your communication costs limited tariff plan. We recommend connecting to WiFi networks.
As the availability of TV series on finite resources. The actual data may be distorted.
Updating the base series is produced with the help of minor updates. If your program is not the number of series or number of series it is incomplete (for example, 100 out of 300), update the app from the Google Play store.

Download apk file:


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