Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios – Library for Germany Kultur, Germany radio and DRadio knowledge

Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios

Library for Germany Kultur, Germany radio and DRadio knowledge

Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios screenshot 0Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios screenshot 1Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios screenshot 2Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios screenshot 3Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios screenshot 4Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios screenshot 5Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios screenshot 6Mediathek d. Deutschlandradios screenshot 7

Germany Radio library

Never miss a show – better than anything else – implemented by a listener

The following functions:

– Listening to the radio (real-time),
– Simultaneously hear all posts,
– Create a playlist, then later to hear all the favorites at a time,
– All Podcast
– Search all Podcasts library and contributions,
– Program plans to print,

This app is a product of Hamburger AppWerft and has no connection with the Germany radio. See more:

F.A.Q. (probably will not read and therefore leads to defamatory articles in the portal):
================================================== ===================

“This and that makes sense, why is missing that?”

The app uses only the offered interfaces of Germany radios. This fact restricts the natural one functions.

“Why all the permissions?”

Query whether device in the network is taken to generate the warning.

Play the posts via Bluetooth (if desired)

Social sharing

start again after rebooting background process, which starts the daily podcast synchronization.

self-explanatory (make it buzzes …)

Listening posts, which are stored in the new territory,

Save podcasts to SD card. Without that, the precious internal memory would immediately all

podcasts stored on an SD card read again – otherwise the saving would be no point

Mute the transfer upon reception of phone call

See more information and download apk file for android:


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