Интерактивное TV – The best addition to your subscription to the service Interactive TV from Ukrtelecom.

Интерактивное TV

The best addition to your subscription to the service Interactive TV from Ukrtelecom.

Интерактивное TV screenshot 0Интерактивное TV screenshot 1Интерактивное TV screenshot 2Интерактивное TV screenshot 3Интерактивное TV screenshot 4Интерактивное TV screenshot 5Интерактивное TV screenshot 6Интерактивное TV screenshot 7

Interactive TV application enables you to watch live HD-broadcasts of football matches and their reviews, the best Ukrainian and foreign TV channels, thousands of movies, TV series and shows as well as music videos and listen to the most popular radio station.

Activate Interactive TV by Ukrtelecom, activate the application, and you will receive:

More than a hundred of popular Ukrainian and international TV channels: Discovery, Nat Geo WILD HD, Eurosport, Viasat TV1000 Premium HD, Viasat TV1000 Megahit HD, VH1 Europe and others.

Direct HD-broadcast major football matches and tournaments in Europe in Ukraine, such as the EURO 2016 Champions League and Europa League 2016-2017, the national championships in England, Spain and Ukraine, the FA Cup and the Ukraine, the Ukrainian team friendlies, meeting the youth teams and the best moments past games.

– Masterpieces of world cinema and actual premiere.
– Thematic cinemas.
– Regularly updated video library of films and cartoons for children.
– New series of favorite TV series.
– Exclusive show.

– Hundreds of leading FM and online radio of Ukraine for free! Hit FM, Russian Radio, Lux FM, Radio Chanson, DJFM, Retro FM, Kiss FM, Radio Roks, and others.

Annex Interactive TV, you can not just watch it all online, but also control the viewing as it is convenient for you, using the functions:

“TV Pause” – stops live broadcast up to 10 minutes.
“TV Record” – allows you to watch the program and matches the previous 7 days.
“TV Program” – helps to quickly select an interesting transfer of live or recorded.
“Favorites” – to get quick access to your favorite videos in the future.
“Soundtracks and subtitle language” – change the audio track and subtitle language to favorite videos.
“Parental Control” – block children’s access to “adult video”, for example, in the cinema «OLL.TV Horror”.

To activate the application, contact the hotline Ukrtelecom.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/67FPTr


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