Yle Areena – Watch and listen to YLE programs whenever you want.

Yle Areena

Watch and listen to YLE programs whenever you want.

Yle Areena screenshot 0Yle Areena screenshot 1Yle Areena screenshot 2Yle Areena screenshot 3Yle Areena screenshot 4Yle Areena screenshot 5Yle Areena screenshot 6Yle Areena screenshot 7Yle Areena screenshot 8Yle Areena screenshot 9Yle Areena screenshot 10Yle Areena screenshot 11Yle Areena screenshot 12

Yle Yle Areena is a web tv and radio, where you can watch and listen to programs when you want and follow the YLE channels live.

Yle Areena Android app you get
• TV and radio programs whenever you like
• YLE television and radio channels live
• only published Arena series and live broadcasts
• daily program information for TV and radio guide

Yle Areena published in all of the programs that it is possible to publish online at Yle. Copyright limit the possibility of providing all of the programs transmitted. Copyright also restrict viewing and listening time programs online, as well as limit the access to programs abroad.

The new application works on devices with Android 4.0 or higher operating system. For older operating systems it is still possible to download the previous version of the application.

If problems occur, you can try to change the settings in the application media player and drop the maximum video quality settings in the application.

the use of the application is monitored anonymously respecting customer privacy. Yle’s privacy policy can be found at yle.fi/yleisradio/toimintaperiaatteet/yksityisyyden-suoja

You can provide feedback directly through the app, or send your feedback Arena application and content of the Arena e-mail to areena.info@yle.fi

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/pZ6Htg


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