CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) Latest Version APK for Android

download CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) apk
download CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) apk

Joy Radio, Radio Joy, CTS, CTS radio, radio, radio, mobile Bible, Bible, Bible, Bible. CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) is offered by CTS cBroadcasting. Last Updated: November 12, 2016. Current Version: 2.10.30

The “Joy (Joy)” is “smart radio applications” made to convey God’s love and joy as IT (information technology) in the rapidly changing new media at CTS Christian TV era built by the United Church of Korea 86 balls denomination in all the world.

Radio Joy (Joy) features
– Unlike traditional terrestrial radio, anywhere around the world via the media, new media
– Meet a wide range of Praise Christian (CCM), the faith, the Word, the Bible, testimony, and liberal arts programs
– Communication between the user and direct participation possible and making
– The created content intended to be shared with the world’s Christians.

The services available in the APP
(All programs are offered free of charge.)
■ Radio On Air

■ Listen
1. Radio programs (praise, faith, talk, meditate, education, culture, gyogye news, etc.)
Beongaetan 1) imwoohyeon
2) heneun night of faith weeks
3) jangjongtaek of worship diary
4) Likewise Sam
5) Hold me of gimgeonhui
6) Prayer (intercession)
Fun Talk Obvious Song 7) of Elah
8) Youth Sounds of White
9) seureopgun love of ohhanna
10) playground inch Ilo
* The other radio programs broadcast in more than 32

2. Preaching Program (Sunday sermons, stronger, etc.)
1) Our church pastor minute yichansu
2) Organic Good Shepherd Church Pastor
3) Be a church pastor gimbyeongsam
4) The new church pastor hanhong
5) three days songtaegeun church pastor
6) gwangrim church pastor Kim Jung – Seok
7) Rings church pastor gimeunho
8) Ansan Yoido Full Gospel Church pastor gimyumin
9) gwangrim Ilsan church pastor bakdongchan
10) Hanshin Church Pastor gangyonggyu
11) Global Church Pastor Jean jaehyeok
12) The best shepherd the church pastor Kim Sung-Keun
13) Dongducheon dure church pastor gimjinhong
14) penetrate the pastor read the Bible in jeongicheol

■ Music Album
 – Provide thematic, contextual recommendations music

■ Community
 – Mobile Bible
 Send this story
 Prayer Request
 – Sponsor
 – event
 – Share with your friends
 – Facebook
 – Youtube

■ My Page

JOY Radio app anytime, anywhere with CTS Meet gracious radio program!

Developer Contact
: Not loaded 100 CTS Multimedia Center B1 Korea, Seoul Dongjak Noryangjin

What’s New

– 방송안정화


CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) 2017

Download CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) APK

CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) for Android

Download CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) for Android

Download CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) APK for Android

CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) 2.10.30 screenshot

CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) screenshot 0CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) screenshot 1CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) screenshot 2CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) screenshot 3CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) screenshot 4CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) screenshot 5

CTS 라디오조이(기독교.성경,찬양,말씀,기도,CCM) apk video

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