XdccDownloader Latest Version APK for Android

XdccDownloader apk
XdccDownloader apk

Application that allows to download via IRC networks. XdccDownloader is offered by Playxz. Last Updated: November 11, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.22

Thanks to XdccDownloader users can research and download via the IRC networks a wide range of e-contents.
Users can download the requested e-content and see a preview during the download. Besides, users can edit their own research database, specifying the lists on which they will make their researches and receiving email alerts on the download status.

What’s New

+ Inseriti nuovi plugin di ricerca

+ Inserito storico ricerche

+ Aggiunto tasto di pulizia dei download nella toolbar

+ Inserite funzionalità di condivisione pacchetti scaricati

+ Se inserito nella casella di ricerca il link xWeasel parte automaticamente il download

+ Applicazione predefinita per link xWeasel

+ Corretto bug su download novità

+ Corretto bug sul paste del testo da ricercare


XdccDownloader 2017

XdccDownloader APK

Download XdccDownloader

Download XdccDownloader APK

XdccDownloader for Android

Download XdccDownloader for Android

Download XdccDownloader APK for Android

XdccDownloader 1.1.22 screenshot

XdccDownloader screenshot 0XdccDownloader screenshot 1XdccDownloader screenshot 2XdccDownloader screenshot 3XdccDownloader screenshot 4XdccDownloader screenshot 5XdccDownloader screenshot 6XdccDownloader screenshot 7XdccDownloader screenshot 8XdccDownloader screenshot 9XdccDownloader screenshot 10XdccDownloader screenshot 11XdccDownloader screenshot 12XdccDownloader screenshot 13XdccDownloader screenshot 14XdccDownloader screenshot 15XdccDownloader screenshot 16XdccDownloader screenshot 17XdccDownloader screenshot 18XdccDownloader screenshot 19XdccDownloader screenshot 20XdccDownloader screenshot 21XdccDownloader screenshot 22XdccDownloader screenshot 23

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