Reverse – Funny Video Editor – Make & Share Funny Magic Reverse Video Clip Easily to Impress Your Friends

Reverse - Funny Video Editor

Make & Share Funny Magic Reverse Video Clip Easily to Impress Your Friends

Reverse - Funny Video Editor screenshot 0Reverse - Funny Video Editor screenshot 1Reverse - Funny Video Editor screenshot 2Reverse - Funny Video Editor screenshot 3Reverse - Funny Video Editor screenshot 4Reverse - Funny Video Editor screenshot 5Reverse - Funny Video Editor screenshot 6

Best Funny Video Editor Ever

Looking for creative idea for an impressive short video? Now by one click, you can become a magician!

Reverse is a free app helps you generate a reversed video. You can easily create a funny video clip or a magic trick, nearly no efforts input required: What you need is to record or upload a simple short video, while Reverse will turn the clock back for you. When playing backward, every daily motion will become fantastic: Imagining you healed a burnt paper or jumped out of a swimming pool without getting wet at all! With video trim & background sound customize, you can share this clip you made by Reverse to surprise your friends

-Unlimited video shoot & trim function
-Support local video upload
-Customized background sound effect
-Easy shooting & sharing by one click for all social networks
-Simple user friendly interface
-All function Free

3 Steps to generate your funny magic video clip:
Record new video or upload existing one from mobile folder
Trim for essence moment & add background sound.
Relax and wait a few seconds: Your reversed video will be done. It’s time to share your reverse magic trick to your friends now!

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