CinaMaker – Record Multi-Angle – Fast, simple multi-angle recording and editing from your smartphone or tablet.

CinaMaker - Record Multi-Angle

Fast, simple multi-angle recording and editing from your smartphone or tablet.

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Troy Dreier of says “There are already several impressive video creation tools for mobile devices, but CinaMaker’s multicam production abilities expand the limits of what can be done with phones or tablets.”

Easy to use: Make an awesome video in minutes by using the app, which syncs up clips from multiple devices and lets you select various angles on the fly for quick, easy editing

Affordable: Improves your brand image through outstanding, professional looking video for a MUCH lower cost a post-production or professional editor charges

Capture footage from multiple camera angles and edit in minutes

Do you shoot video with your phone or tablet? Ever wish you could have a choice of more than one angle to make your video look professional? Wouldn’t you love to do an interview and have the opportunity to use camera angles of you AND your guest? If you’re doing a demonstration, wouldn’t you love to have some closeups of what you’re doing rather than just you talking? To make it work you’d have to figure out how to merge the clips and sync them up. That’s a job for a professional videographer and editor…or is it?

CinaMaker steps up your production game by enabling fast, simple multi-angle recording and editing from your iOS smartphone or tablet. CinaMaker is easy and affordable, dramatically cutting your production time and costs.

How it works…
Grab your phone, your friend’s phone, and your tablet – up to 4 devices. Load the app on each, and you’ve got a production studio at your disposal. Set up phones and tablets on tripods or call some friends with steady hands who can shoot from different angles on multiple devices.

Decide which device will be the “Director” device, which will control when the recording starts and stops. This will be the device that controls editing (we recommended a tablet for this job since it’s easier to see what you’re editing!) .
Enable the other devices you’re using to pair with the Director by selecting “Be an Assistant” on the “Select your role” screen

Take your video footage by pressing the aqua colored button on the Director device

Press it again to stop the recording.

For no-hassle, release-it-quickly videos, edit in the app. Let the app organize the clips for you, then edit to make your video look professional, visually intriguing, and way better than a single angle video. If you want to do a bigger editing job, use our CinaFlow app to upload your videos to an editing program like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

In App Editing…
Select “Local Project” and let the CinaMaker app work its magic. In seconds, the videos from all devices synchronize in the app.

Press the Edit button.

Now press the orange play button and all clips will play simultaneously. To add visual interest to your video and get multiple angles, just tap the square with the angle you want to add. Do that every time you want to switch angles up.

Select the audio track you want to use for the whole video (tip: you may want to use one of the 4 camera inputs as audio only to get top quality audio).

When you’re happy with your product, hit the aqua checkmark and then upload your video to your phone or to social media.

Get ready for huge traffic and props from your adoring fans!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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