CBS TV – Newly formed CBS TV 2.0 is the official application.


Newly formed CBS TV 2.0 is the official application.

CBS TV screenshot 0CBS TV screenshot 1CBS TV screenshot 2CBS TV screenshot 3CBS TV screenshot 4

2.0 The official application is a newly formed CBS TV.

The main screen
– If you select a program to switch to the program list
– Sponsors ARS Dial: Select the lower Mission Donation Banner
-OnAir Broadcast: select top live, real-time viewing and listening to live broadcast broadcasting support
– If you select Bottom banner ads, go to this URL

2 programs list
– If you select a program from the program’s day-framed screen program representative list by broadcasting
– Select the desired broadcast program dates back to view / hear the broadcast again

3. VOD service
1) Program
– Renew,
– Bible Institute,
– 2 things prosper,
– Change the world 15 minutes
– Lecture C Christian story,
– Praise Jesus, praise Jesus,
– Janggyeongdong Power Lecture,
– Gimmunhun Power Lecture,
– Gimhakjung Power Lecture,
– Bible inmuljeon,

2) Sermon
– Gimsamhwan (reputation Church),
– Gimeunho (Rings church),
– Ohjeonghyeon (Church of Love)
– Was moved (Global Mission Church),
– Lee, Young – Hoon (Yoido Full Gospel Church),
– Pastor (100th Anniversary Memorial Church),
– Choeyiwoo (religious Christ),
– Jeonbyeonggeum (Gangnam Church),
– Jeongseongjin (holy light polarization church),
– Cho (Yoido Full Gospel Church),
– Yichansu (per our church)
– Gwontaejin, (Anyang First Church)
– Kim Jung – Seok (gwangrim Church)
– Small Gangseok (New Eden Church)
– Yunseokjeon (Yonsei Central Church)
– Lee, Jeong – Ick (AIT Church)

Schedule 4
– Provide a program schedule and broadcast real-time view and back view works

5 Program Search
– Program name, preacher, performer, church name, sermon titles can be searched by

6 gidobang
– Saints you had free registration to the public / private and Prayer, and with
  To prayer space

7 local channels
 – You can watch the VOD offering in each local CBS station outside Seoul.

8 Features
– Is free VOD is all.

Load the CBS CBS is making the application.
Thank you so much love the Saints.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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