Z3 Webcast – Z3 WebCast – To teach, train, and organize conferences with practicality.

Z3 Webcast

Z3 WebCast – To teach, train, and organize conferences with practicality.

Z3 Webcast screenshot 0Z3 Webcast screenshot 1Z3 Webcast screenshot 2Z3 Webcast screenshot 3Z3 Webcast screenshot 4Z3 Webcast screenshot 5Z3 Webcast screenshot 6Z3 Webcast screenshot 7Z3 Webcast screenshot 8Z3 Webcast screenshot 9Z3 Webcast screenshot 10Z3 Webcast screenshot 11Z3 Webcast screenshot 12Z3 Webcast screenshot 13Z3 Webcast screenshot 14Z3 Webcast screenshot 15Z3 Webcast screenshot 16Z3 Webcast screenshot 17

New communication features arise as users seek to integrate its technology available to everyday needs of people over the network. The problem is that sometimes the resources are so many companies that do not even know where to start.

The Z3 Webcast APP tool was developed for people, businesses or organizations that want to integrate various forms of communication between friends, employees and customers. With speed and convenience, organize video conferences or lectures and integrates transmission of high-quality video (live or recorded), slideshow and full integration with social media. My account, calendar, my events and virtual library are features of the application.

For the users’ interaction with the speakers, questions and answers, as well as research and surveys, organized so that doubts, questions and suggestions are presented. The whole process of relationship between participant and entity is controlled by generating detailed the actions and reactions of the users and the access time for each content reports.

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/mJ1jUQ


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